How to Design a Home Extension

So you’ve decided to invest in a home extension. A big investment in terms of time and money, it’s important that you effectively plan out exactly how much you want to spend, the materials you want to use and create a schedule to stick to. Before you take the plunge, it’s also essential that you do your research and find reliable and experienced labourers to get the job done. To make the process seem a little less daunting, here’s a list of some tips on what to consider as you are designing your home extension:

Set a budget

An important step in any building project is to set a budget. It’s key that you keep the right amount of money aside for construction materials, labour and furnishings for the interior of the extension. There are many fees that might come with a home extension – such as planning fees, surveyor’s fees and structural engineers fees; you need to factor these into your budget.

Choosing the size and shape of the extension

When it comes to planning the size and shape of your extension, there are a few things to consider. What will it look like from the outside? Is it in keeping with the area? Does it flow with the rest of the house? Will it affect your neighbours? These are all important questions to ask before the construction begins. The size of it will also be dependant on your budget and what you intent to use the area for.


An undeniably important aspect of your renovation is deciding what windows and doors you get. If you want a large open space, then bifold doors may be the best way forward. If you are extending a period property, windows that fit into the same style as the rest of your home is ideal. What you choose will all be dependant on the shape of your extension, the type of house you live in and your personal preference.

Entrance options

Is your extension designed with a large open space for bifold doors? Are french doors more suitable for the design you have chosen? The door that you choose will be dependant on the shape and size of your home extension.

Choosing your roofing

This will also be dependant on how large the extension is, the style of it and your budget. You will also want your extension to flow with the rest of your house, so the roofing should be the same.