Steps for building a house

Are you building a house? Take a look at these essential steps to turn your vision into reality.

Step 1: Decide On A Plot

You need to find a plot with planning permission where you can safely build your new house.

Step 2: Find Funding For Your Project

You can go to the bank for a self-build mortgage, or you can pay for construction work out of your own savings.

Step 3: Choose An Architect And Designer

What will your house look like? You’ll need to work with a professional architect and designer.

Step 4: Speak With Planners

Getting planning permission is essential before you begin your new build. Find out what the rules are, what kinds of houses you can build in the area, and what styles will maximise your chances of gaining permission.

Step 5: Choose How You’ll Manage Your Build

You can manage your new build in several ways. You can project manage the construction of your home yourself, get a professional manager to do it for you, or use a package company who manage everything by themselves.

Step 6: Do The Groundwork

You can’t build a new house on any old piece of land: you have to prepare it for construction first. Clear away any vegetation that might be in the way and ensure that the earth is even enough to build on.

Step 7: Construct Your New Home

Finally, it’s time to get on with the building process itself. You can build your new house using traditional brick and mortar, steel frame or even wood, depending on your architectural plan.