Tips For Giving Your Home A Cosy Feel For Winter

With the cold weather approaching, it’s time to think about some ways to cosy up your home. Here’s how to give it that snug feeling this winter.

  • Put rugs down. Rugs are great if you have hard floor surfaces in your property. Put down rugs and instantly get that cosy, carpet-like feel between your toes, no matter where you are in your home.

  • Add soft lighting. Soft lighting is an excellent complement for dreary weather outdoors and dark evenings. It instantly makes your home feel cosier and more welcoming.

  • Upgrade your bedding. There’s nothing better than having a lie-in during the holiday season. Upgrade your bedding with a thick, four-season duvet and some new pillowcases.

  • Put your slippers next to your bed. Slippers are an incredible invention, especially for those cold, long winter months. Put yours next to the bed so you can slip into them first thing in the morning — no more cold toes.

  • Frame some festive photos. Add a touch of nostalgia by framing some old holiday photos of you and your family.

How To Retain Heat In Your Home

  • Retaining heat in your home is vital for keeping it cosy. Here’s some advice:

  • Place draught excluders along the bottom of all your exterior doors

  • Invest in thermal insulating curtains and draw them closed as soon as it gets dark outside to keep the heat in

  • Upgrade the insulation in your roof

  • Put insulation around your pipes, called pipe lagging

  • Make your home draught proof by filling in any gaps around windows and doors

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