What is a loft conversion?

If you live in a house, you probably have a loft. Some people use the loft for storage, like storing your Christmas tree or those unused baby toys that you may need in the future. However, others may convert their loft into extra living space. So, what is a loft conversion?

According to Wikipedia, “a loft conversion is the process of transforming an empty attic space or loft into a functional room”.

Do I need planning permission to have a loft conversion?

As you are not changing the physical structure of your property, you generally do not need planning permission. Loft conversions are considered to be permitted development, but your design will need to adhere to a number of parameters.

Remember – Always seek advise from your local planning office before you start any work.

Who can design my loft conversion?

When coming up with the concept and ideas for the loft conversion, you have some options about who can design your conversion. Spending a lot of money, of course you need it to be right. You can consult a building company like Newlife Building & Roofing, or you can consult an architect. Both options deal with the planning permission if needed and the Building Regulations approval.

For the all-round service, go with a building company who will take you from the start to the finish without any problems.

Is my loft suitable for a conversion?

Before starting to think about the conversion, you need to know if your loft is suitable for the conversion. Consider these things:

· Available head height

· Roof Pitch

· Roof Structure

· Obstacles such as water tanks or chimney stacks

Your builder will be able to go through these with you and tell you the options you have available when they come around and complete an initial survey.