What tools does a Builder need?

Builders are essential in the modern world. They make everything, from underground sewage systems to supertall skyscrapers. But builders can only be as effective as their tools. What tools does a builder need?

Cordless Drill

The cordless drill is a staple for modern builders. This battery-powered device allows builders to install anything that needs screwing into place quickly.


Mains-powered drills are very different from cordless drills. They offer much higher power and have bits to drill through wood, concrete, brick and even metal.


The handsaw is one of the most versatile tools in any builder’s arsenal. Excellent for cutting wood, handsaws are a common item for any cutting job.


Builders have to cut through metal all the time. That’s why professionals always carry hacksaw, a type of powerful hand-powered saw with a toughened steel blade.

Tape Measure

Being a builder isn’t all about drilling, hammering and sawing; it’s also about being able to take measurements and make sure that everything fits according to the client’s specification. Tape measures are excellent tools that allow builders to measure door frames, the area of a room, and many other things. If you get a tape measure, make sure that it’s at least five metres in length.

Step Ladder

As a builder, there will be times when you’ll need to gain a little extra height. Step ladders are perfect for when you need to install lighting fixtures on the ceiling or coving around the upper walls. Step ladders are super light and highly versatile: a true essential.